Heroes Have Hope – when Empowered Effectively: suicide prevention resource

GMT4Life is a suicide prevention resource reserved for FMP U.S. veterans registered to the Heroes Have Hope – when Empowered Effectively service.

GMT4Life is the premium service of the Global Mentoring Team division and shares its dedication to promote and empower personal independence of internationally-located FMP U.S. veterans.

GMT4Life provides a highly-focused service to FMP U.S. veterans with disabilities that predispose them to thoughts of suicide or have a history of prior suicidal attempt(s).

The mission of GMT4Life is to introduce mitigating services to remotely-located, FMP U.S. veterans, in response to the President’s March 5, 2019, “National Call to Action to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Veteran Suicide.”

Application of the GMT4Life mission is founded on the principals of internationally accepted, peer-reviewed medical and mental health standards.


Suicide prevention resources require registration through membership on this site that uses a token, a discount code to gain FREE full access to the pages and posts.

International FMP U.S. veterans should be under the medical care of a local physician or psychiatrist who can provide the token, the discount code as part of her/his therapeutic prescription and oversight.


Suicide prevention resources and FREE, full access to membership. Get it NOW on this site: HERE


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Disclaimer: GMT4Life is a division of the Global Mentoring Team division that offers services solely to international FMP U.S. veterans.  GMT4Life is wholly owned and operated by Great Life 4 You Holdings Corporation and has NO affiliation with 4Life Research, Sandy, Utah, USA.

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